What are the benefits of an HRJA membership?

You gain access to exclusive HRJA only events like trail rides, picnics and parties. Your membership also includes a bi-monthly color newsletter, membership card, HRJA decal, entry for prize drawings at our various events, and discounts at various 4x4 and auto parts companies. You will also ride with pride in knowing that you belong to the Jeep club based in the area near the "Birthplace of the Jeep" - Butler, PA.

How can I join?

Fill out a waitlist application and send it in to : HRJA, PO Box 1766, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066. Your application will be reviewed by our membership director/committee and approved or denied. It is rare for an application to be denied.

How long is a membership valid?

Our membership is good until the end of the current year you joined. Renewals are due by January 15th of the following year. The exception is people who join on or after November 1st. Their membership is good for the rest of that current year, and all of the next year.

What types of people belong to HRJA?

Jeep lovers of all ages! Mostly folks from Western PA, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia, but our membership is open to any Jeep enthusiast from anywhere in the world! With over 250 members, we are a very diverse group!

I have a stock Jeep. Will I fit in?

Certainly! Our trailrides and events are designed to be fun for all Jeepers from stock to highly modified, and our current membership runs the entire spectrum from stock original military jeeps to super-modified Cherokees! We do have some BASIC requirements for your Jeep for a trail ride, but all of them can be easily met.

What events are there if I do not want to take my Jeep on a trail ride?

Many! This year alone we are planning, or have completed many fun events such as a cruises, meet-n greets, parades, and our scavenger hunt.

How long has your club been in existence?

We have been in existence since May of 2000 when we held our first Jeep "cruise" in Butler, PA. We then went through legal channels to become a full-fledged 501c(7) Non-Profit Corporation. We have an elected Board of Directors all of whom are not compensated for their time and efforts. We are growing each year and plan to be around for many, many years to come!

How often do you hold events?

We often hold events monthly. We typically have a social event such as a cruise, meet n greet, parade, Jeepfest etc. every other month, and have a trail ride on the opposite months. However, many of our members get together and trail ride more often. It is one of the perks of the HRJA membership is meeting other Jeepers and finding out about new places to go Jeepin' and new people to go Jeepin'.

Do I have to attend a certain number of events each year?

NO. You are not required to attend any meeting, or events to maintain your membership status. However, in order to maintain your voting rights at meetings you must attend at least 2 of the previous 6 meetings.

What can I expect on a local trailride?

You can expect our trail rides to be well organized, well planned family-orientated events. We forbid alcohol on the trails. We try to challenge everyone, and there is always a chance that you may need a "little help from your friends" with a tow-strap or winch. Our trail leaders are always well prepared. Some of the trips are more difficult than others, and some involve more rock than mud and vice-versa. In Western PA, most every ride includes some hill-climbs and a little bit of mud. Minor damage to Jeeps occurs from time to time, but if you look through our members-ride section you will see that the Jeeps aren't all beat-up. Our rides have been averaging between 15-30 Jeeps and we sometimes split into groups. Be sure to visit the "Past Events" section of our website for pictures of past trail rides.

Does HRJA insure me for damage that occurs during a trailride?

NO. Your Jeep is your responsibility; it is in our bi-laws that all Jeeps that participate in events must be insured. HRJA is not held liable for any damage that occurs to your Jeep, property, or self during any HRJA events.

Can I bring a guest to an HRJA exclusive event, like a trailride?

YES. You are allowed to bring any number of guests to ride in your Jeep (up to the rated passenger load) with you an infinite number of times. You may also invite one guest per trail ride with their Jeep (must be a Jeep only) to participate in a trail ride. However this person may only participate in a trail ride with their Jeep once every 12 months. If they would like to participate more often, they need to acquire their own HRJA membership.

My friend has a non-Jeep vehicle. Can he "tag along" on our trailride?

NO. Our trail rides and events that involve the Jeeps themselves are for JEEP vehicles only. However, there are other 4wd organizations in the area that are open to all breeds of 4x4's. Your friend may want to look into joining Blacklist 4 Wheelers (www.blwa.org) which is one of these local groups.

Who can I contact to answer additional questions?

If this page hasn't answered your questions, you can contact our club President - Rick West (president@hrja.org).